Fundraising Ideas for Kids: Family Movie Night

When looking for fundraising ideas for kids or fundraising ideas for schools, Family Movie Night is a creative fundraising idea that involves the entire family. Plus, it brings your whole classroom together for a fun, low cost event, while helping to raise funds for your much needed project!

A Family Movie night can be used to raise funds for school, church or christian school classrooms. You could also make this an entire grade fundraiser event or even for the entire school, especially if your project needs a substantial amount of money.

Here is how to make your Family Movie Night happen:

1. Choose a movie that is age appropriate for your classroom. Theme the night according to the movie and turn it into a dress up night for the kids. Plan recognition and awards for the best costumes according to the movie theme - maybe the top 3 (that way kids will have a better chance to win the prize). This will excite the children to participate.

For younger children, you could have them bring toys or items that would fit the movie theme to show off to their friends. The key is to make the kids want to be a part of this night.

2. Advertise well with lots of excitement! Make it an event that everyone will want to attend! When it comes to the many fundraising ideas for kids, any time you can make your fundraiser a family event is a plus!

3. Involve several parents in the organization and advertisement, which will make for better attendance. The more people you have that are involved in the planning process means more attending the movie night. For example, find out who has a movie screen, or extra chairs and/or bean bags to bring to the event. This adds more people coming!

4. Provide chairs, but you can also make it a "bring your own blanket/pillows or bean bags" to sit on. Or if weather permits, you could have an outdoor movie and show the movie on the side of the building! This is a lot of fun for families with children of various ages. If the school can't accommodate this event, try a local church fellowship hall or a Recreation Center field.

5. Have a Snack Bar that includes Popcorn, Candy Bars and Soft Drinks. You could also include lollipops. These items can be bought very cheaply and then sold for double and triple their money. Just estimate what you would need based upon the attendance.

You could also plan in advance for parents to donate the items and save them up for this special night. Another idea is to get area grocery stores to donate the snack items.

Have volunteers run the Snack Bar and remember, for any of the fundraising ideas for kids, parents make the best volunteers.

6. Lastly, plan a particular prize according to the movie theme if possible, and sell tickets to the Movie Night as Raffle Tickets for a family to win the grand prize. Maybe this prize can be donated by a local business such as a local movie theater or another place that provides family entertainment such as a bowling alley. If you choose to try and get the prize donated, provide the business with a letter explaining how their donation will be used (to raise funds for your classroom project).

7. The Key for this event is to get as many people involved as possible and to make it an exciting family night that all will want to be a part of! Providing a night of entertainment as a fundraiser that involves entire families just makes good sense!

This is one of the best fundraising ideas for kids that we have done, because it gets so many involved, it easily raises money and it provides a fun school and family event!

Happy Fundraising for this Fun Family Fundraiser!

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