Fundraising Ideas for Kids: Family Game Night

This fundraising ideas for kids Game Night is a favorite because all kids love to play games! This is also a one time event so it makes planning easy. Game Night has proven to be one of the fast fundraising ideas to pull off at the last minute!

Another bonus is that it is among the cheap fundraising ideas because volunteers or families provide the board games or volunteers can easily make the Bingo game.

This fundraiser works well for schools, churches, christian schools and even as a family event for a capital campaign, where a church class can come together and raise their own offering for the campaign. In fact, it has proven to be one of the best fundraising ideas for kids for any group.

Here is how to make this night a fun and fast fundraiser!

1. You can plan a variety of games or just have one game for everyone, like Bingo or a Trivia game.

**If you choose a variety of games, choose quick playing board games like Connect 4, Matching Games, Magnetic Tic Tac Toe or Ring Toss. Use your own ideas to choose the games that are age appropriate for your class. You could even get your student's input on the game choices! The games can be set up on several tables and kids or families can rotate to play several games during the night. If Board Games aren't a popular choice for your students, plan games that are all Carnival type floor games. Again, get your class in on the planning process and excitement will build for everyone!

**If you choose just one game for everyone, like the Bingo or a Trivia game, you will need to wait and start once everyone arrives. You could offer snacks for purchase while people are waiting to start the game as well as some quick floor games to keep the children busy while waiting (like Ring Toss or Ping Pong Ball Toss).

2. For the Variety of Games venue, Kids may purchase different tickets to play different games. In other words, each game costs to play - for example $1.00. They can play up to 3 different games for the night (or more if you choose), which will add to the fun! Decide what price you will charge to play the games and advertise this in advance. You could also simplify the cost by just charging a set price for the night and all games are open for everyone - for example $10.00 for a family of three with a cap of $20.00 for larger families.

3. For the one game Night of Bingo or Trivia, you could charge the $1.00 a game price for each time they play, or charge an entrance price for adults and a lower price for kids, or a flat family price to get in - $15.00 or $20.00.

4. Sell the game tickets as raffle tickets for a grand prize to be given at the end of the night. Get this prize donated from a local store or donated by a parent, or even a family that you will give special recognition to for their donation. Remember, everyone loves recognition so this could be the incentive for a family donating this grand prize! The prize could be a Board Game or a Gift Card or something more valuable. Obviously, the more valuable this prize, the better! This grand prize helps this idea to be one of the great fundraising ideas for kids.

5. Inexpensive prizes such as candy and lollipops, silicone bands, stickers, etc... are the prizes for the game winners. Get these items donated so you won't have to buy them, but if you have to, they really can be purchased cheaply!

6. Set up a refreshment table for additional money. Keep it simple with Candy Bars, cookies and soft drinks and/or water bottles. These can be purchased cheaply and sold for double or triple the price (obviously, it's even better if you can get them donated)! This will definitely add to your profits for the evening.

7. Have volunteers run the games and the snack table. We have found when it comes to fundraising ideas for kids, a great group to run the games is Youth. They help to make it fun for the kids!

8. This Game Night can be a school or church class fundraiser project, an entire grade fundraising event or even an event for your entire school or church.

Of all the fundraising ideas for kids, this one is at the top for a fun and exciting family night out! The night is a fun night for the kids, one of the cheap fundraising ideas for the fundraiser to utilize, and is easy for parents to participate in. It's all over in one night and you've raised money for your class or capital campaign in a fun event - Now that's how a fundraiser should be!

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