Why Stewardship Campaigns are necessary for the 21st Century.

Stewardship Campaigns are a great way for churches to raise the funds needed for building, renovation or ministry expansion. In today's tough economy of raising money, church capital campaigns are a positive way to continue the financial commitment of the congregation.

For many churches, stewardship is a tough subject to teach and even harder to implement! However, it is possible to experience a successful and spiritual campaign. This happens when churches carefully plan their stewardship training as well as Stewardship Campaigns.

Just one positive campaign that is well executed can produce new unity, excitement and passion! Stewardship Campaigns can successfully bring people together under one common goal or vision, making them worth the time and effort.

During a stewardship campaign, people are taught principles of stewardship and grow in financial responsibility. There is opportunity to share resources and gifts as well as watch God bless faith and hard work.

First, you must decide what type of campaign will work for your church. Basically, there are three choices when it comes to Stewardship Campaigns:

1. DIY - Do It Yourself Campaign. In other words, you choose to take on the task of planning the Campaign - presenting the purpose, the vision and goals, teaching the stewardship principles during the Campaign, training the leadership teams, supervising the entire process, solving problems and issues that may arise, and keeping the excitement level high during the campaign. When the campaign is complete, you lead the celebration and carry out the follow up plan to keep the commitments coming in for the next 2 to 3 years.

Obviously, the advantage is that it will cost you less financially to do a campaign yourself, but implementing Stewardship Campaigns yourself is labor and time intensive.

2. Enlisting a Financial Coach. This involves enlisting a Financial Coach for you, your Staff and/or Leadership Team. The coach walks alongside the Pastor and leadership through the entire process, providing instruction, guidance, leadership training, brainstorming, problem solving and professional help as needed. This is a valuable service to take advantage of and costs less than hiring a Capital Stewardship Company.

Stewardship or Financial Coaches offer varying degrees of support and training so check out several before you decide. If you are interested in our Professional Stewardship Coaching Services, contact us below.

3. Enlisting a Capital Stewardship Company. For many churches, it is worth the cost to enlist a Capital Stewardship Company to lead their campaign. Our advice after seeing Stewardship Campaigns done all three ways is to use a professional Stewardship Company if at all possible. It is definitely worth the money invested and here is why:

A Capital Stewardship Company

** has a proven track record for greater success, which is helpful in today's economy.

** provides an organized plan with the training it takes to keep everyone on task.

** offers objective guidance and objective problem solving for potential issues.

** can elevate the financial process to a positive spiritual journey for everyone.

** takes the pressure off of already overworked Pastors and Leaders by providing the Leadership strategy.

** increases the possibilities of raising money with good stewardship ideas and coaching support.

** provides sermons, lesson plans, visuals, and other resources to teach and encourage every age group.

** offers a celebrative process and a 2-3 year follow up plan.

As you consider your Capital stewardship process, decide which of the three strategies will work for you? There are advantages and disadvantages to each one.

In our professional opinion, the Do It Yourself Plan requires the most work with a lower guarantee of success. It is time consuming to raise money for a project and most church leaders do not have the extra time to plan and implement a campaign. However, we have seen it done.

Many churches who cannot afford a professional company enlist a Financial Stewardship Coach. This is definitely an advantage to the Pastor, staff or leadership and highly contributes to the success of the campaign. A coach offers guidance, support and training as well as a professional stewardship program.

The greatest results we have seen have been through enlisting a Capital Stewardship Company, such as Impact Stewardship Resources. Why re-invent the wheel trying to do it yourself when a Company has the plan already perfected? In fact, most professional campaigns statistically bring 50 to 100 percent greater profits, making it worth their fee to many churches.

In planning for Stewardship Campaigns, whichever plan you choose can bring about your desired results. Your choice basically results in how you want the process to go because each strategy provides a different process or journey.

You may have more questions that need to be answered before you decide. Contact us below with your specific question or plan a coaching conversation that will help you talk out your situation for the best possible choice.

All three programs can work for church Stewardship Campaigns, but think and pray carefully before you make your final decision. Research each one and have discussions with your staff and trusted leaders. Getting others involved in the planning process goes a long way in helping the congregation accept the final choice.

It is worth the time taken to evaluate, discuss and pray about such an important process in the life of your church.

Blessings as you plan your next Capital Stewardship Campaign!

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